New to church?
What time should I show up for worship?
Our services start at 6:00 pm Thursday evening. Anytime before that would be great, but the earlier you come the more time you get to chat with other worshipers.

What should I wear?
Come as you are. If "dressed for church" means a suit and tie, great! If "dressed for church" means a pair of jeans, great! God doesn't give us a specific dress code for worship. Get your heart ready for worship, and join us!

Should I bring anything?
Nothing is required! We have everything you will need for worship. Our worship songs and liturgy (parts of the worship service) will be printed for you in the red hymnals in each pew. Our Bible readings will be printed in the bulletin you are handed when you enter the worship area.

Which reminds me...what exactly will happen when I show up?
When you enter the building (either the front or the side entrance), an usher will smile and say hi. He'll hand you a bulletin with the day's Bible readings and the week's church news. You can find a seat in the sanctuary whenever you are ready, or an usher can help you find a seat.

I have a small child. Can I still come to worship?
Absolutely! Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me!" We'd love to have your whole family in worship. If your child requires you to step out during worship, we have a mother's room located directly next to the worship area with comfortable chairs and children's books.

Where are you bathrooms?
We have bathrooms on the first floor between the mother's room and Pastor's office and in the basement near the stairwell next to the main entrance to church.

I use a walker/wheelchair. Will I have trouble getting to the worship area?
No. Our side entrance to church has a ramp, not steps.

I am worried about being able to follow along during worship.
Our services are printed in the front of the red hymnals.  Pastor will announce the page of the service, or simply refer to the bulletin which lists the service page, hymns and Scripture readings. The person sitting near you would love to answer any questions and help you follow along too!